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ArtRage for Mac is a tool that supports drawing quickly and effectively. So you can spoil your artist or imagination on oil paintings and water paintings

For professional artists, ArtRage has creative layers to draw which can import or export files in different formats for easy use with the available tools. You can easily share with friends your drawings.

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ArtRage’s main feature for Mac:

Natural drawing tools

Painting without having to learn complex digital tools. ArtRage offers many drawing tools like the real world so you can use them easily.

  • The Oil Brush and Paint Roller create strokes mixed with other colors below the brush.
  • Paint Tube creates blobs or thick paint stripes spread out with Palette Knife.
  • The Watercolor Brush creates a delicate brushed to work with wet drawing frames and wet color gradations.
  • Airbrush creates a variety of subtle shades without affecting the texture of the brush strokes.

Drawing and sketching tools

Do take advantage of the texture of the canvas with accurate drawing and sketching tools.

  • The Pencil Tool allows you to adjust the softness so you can do everything from subtle shadows to bold lines. Chalk and Crayon are useful tools for color blocks.
  • The Inking Pen and Felt Pen create solid ink lines or highlights that interact with colors already on the canvas.
  • Flood Fill makes filling in color areas easy so once you’ve set the ink lines, you can fill them in just one click.
  • The Inking Pen and Precise Pencil provide Auto-Smoothing options to smooth out the incomplete parts, making clarity for each stroke.

Specialized effects tool

  • You can make a difference to your artwork or create complex scenes easily through ArtRage specialized effects tools.
  • Sticker Spray can create complex scenes in seconds. For example you can create flocks of birds, gold piles or forests thanks to images from Sticker Sheets.
  • Gloop Pen allows users to create many different effects such as thinking bubbles, overflow ink bottles, cloud blur
  • Glitter Tube lets you sprinkle sparkling metal particles with various settings to complete the final result.

Utility: The suite works with natural tools in the product to add digital convenience to your workflow.

  • The Transformation Tool can take any object to resize or locate or rotate directly so you shouldn’t worry about when you start.
  • The Text Tool takes place text positioned, expanded and rotated to fit the image without losing its ability to edit it later.

Setting and presetting: Do you want to load brushes with more paint colors or thin out watercolor and use softer pencils? Each tool has many options that you can adjust to create many different variations.

  • Tool Settings reflect the natural properties of the tool adjusted to create more realistic effects.
  • You can store as many Tool Settings as you like through the Tool Presets system. Presets can be arranged to locate in categories.

Color: The way you choose colors is at the heart of the painting process. The best way may be different between one person and another, or even this painting with another painting. Do you mix colors on the canvas and sample it? Do you use the art color selection tool? Or do you store your favorite templates for later use?

  • Color Picker supports many variations of HLS and RGB color selection functions.
  • If you want to work with the colors on the canvas, you can place many different blobs with Paint Tube and blend them with the Palette Knife to create patterns.
  • Store Color Samples with your favorite colors can create Custom Color Pickers when you have a set of colors working with you.
  • You can add Metallic Tinting to reflect of the pigment.

Molds and rulers

You don’t need to change the tool mode or define the selection area to create straight lines and masks. ArtRage allows you to use the Stencil and Ruler system to work correctly with any tool without changing the settings.

  • With the Ruler on the canvas, you can draw arbitrary lines that match the contour as soon as you get close, then you can draw along that outline as if using a real ruler.
  • Any shape can be transferred to the Ruler so you can create sharp curved edges and geometric measures to paint on.
  • Ruler is the physical object on the canvas so you can place as many as you want to work with them together. You also can create a perspective or complex shape by placing multiple folders then drawing along their edges.
  • The stencil works like a plastic board to prevent paint from getting out of the frame. Like Ruler, the Stencil works together so you can set the number as you want to have a wider effect.

Sticker: When you want to add existing elements like trees and pebbles to your drawings or build a craft project using electronic guestbook images, the Sticker system will help you do that.

  • Stickers are predefined images peeled off in sheets and pasted into the canvas. Each sticker has a color, texture, gloss and metal settings so you can add complex objects to images easily.
  • The sticker stores in Sticker Sheets which collects many images of a similar form together into one location for easy access.
  • The set stickers edit after pasting into the canvas. You can change the tilt and shadow settings, rotate, expand and move them without losing quality.
  • Sticker Spray allows you to place multiple stickers in a brush stroke. It can use the Sticker Sheet to automate the process of creating complex scenes.

Drawing / paper frame: The type of surface you have painted can greatly affect the final artwork. ArtRage allows you to define the properties of the canvas including texture and color to create different surfaces.

  • You can choose from a variety of Canvas Presets then store your own, or refine properties. Customizing the canvas can turn it from a black background window into an integrated part of the work.
  • Canvas Properties as textures and roughness exist independently in any color paint you apply. Changing the canvas below your work at any point and the new line will respond to those changes.
  • Canvas Texture can be removed and the surface is made transparent to export images with transparent masks.

Tracing Image: If you want to use an existing picture when drawing, you can import it as Tracing Image to support the work. The measured image will be inserted into the frame and displayed when you draw.

Automatic Color Selection allows you to create ArtRage template colors from Tracing Image when drawing so you can focus on the work. This is useful for those who are just beginning to draw.

Reference image: Sometimes you will want to use pictures as references while drawing. You don’t need to open another file or minimize the window down to see other applications. You can put pictures directly into the canvas and they will be displayed when you draw.

Let it expand, rotate and pose the Reference Image or zoom it in detail so that you can get the perfect area for reference when drawing.

Layer and Blend mode: ArtRage supports an industry-standard Layer. Layer Group allows you to draw in images without damaging the previously applied paint colors. Using Layer, you can color elements of images and edit them separately. It allows you to make changes without interrupting the rest of the work.

ArtRage supports the standard Blend mode of Photoshop to change the mode of interaction with the items below.

User interface: The interface permits you to focus on creativity and disappearance when you work so you can spend more time drawing than redirecting the tables.

  • Important functions such as tools and color choices are placed in the first layer of the interface while smaller and less-used functions are placed inside the Pods to avoid a lot of space. The interface is organized to maximize the space you have for work without any requirements
  • Once you draw, the interface elements disappear while the brush appears so that you can continue drawing below the table easily
  • If you want a completely blank canvas, just click to remove the entire interface and draw on the white screen. Shortcuts will resize brushes and select colors directly on the canvas so that it can help you to do the job quickly.
  • If you have a multi-touch screen, you can use gestures to control the interface and drawing frame. It will help to move objects such as Stencils, Stickers, and Panels around easily.

File format, import and export: ArtRage uses its own file format to store your paintings. However you can still import and export many different formats if you want to work with images from other applications or export copies of your paintings for presentation.

  • Importing and exporting standard image formats including PNG, JPG, TIFF, BMP will depends on your operating system.
  • Importing and exporting Photoshop PSD format files preserve Layer and Group structures, Text Layers and Blend Modes when moving information between two applications.

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