Sticke War 3D APK

Sticke War 3D APK - Sticke War 3D APK stick war 3d apk, gun, game apk, free
Sticke War 3D-a shooting game with first person perspective is very easy to play and effectively reduces stress.Using your gun,scoping and killing your enemies by exactly bullets.In spite of having thrilling images,in fact it’s not violent like the last Survival and everyone can play this interesting game stick war 3D you can initiatively follow the targets or maybe wait until the stickman appears to shoot and kill them.
Sticke War 3D APK - Sticke War 3D APK stick war 3d apk, gun, game apk, free
Stickemen always have secret mision and they can wait anymore,time to act has come.Be quickly! You will have to face with many fierce assault with a lot dangers.Your role in game is a sniper asassin and your mission is clear all the enemies to save the world from destruction.Every bullet has its own special dot so you have to try to know all these special dots.In the world covered by aggressive stickmen,you will incarnate world-class sniper Damien Walker and assault specialist Ron Hawkings on a suicide to save the world.
Sticke War 3D APK mod 300x169 - Sticke War 3D APK stick war 3d apk, gun, game apk, free
This is a war with high tempo and you need to concentrate to shoot your way through hordes of bad guys or take your time and eliminate them from a distance. Every mission requires a unique approach but always has the same result: dead bodies dropping on the floor. RESCUE THE ELITE STRIKEFORCE & DEFEAT YOUR ENEMY


Big Farm apk – Free game online For Android

big farm apk android 300x225 - Big Farm apk - Free game online For Android hot game, game apk, game, big farm

Big Farm apk – Download Free game online For Android


Big Farm is a game imitating interesting farm and completely free by Goodgame Studios. With a beautiful interface and many attractive tasks, Big Farm brings you relaxing moments.

You can consult and download some other famous farm games like:

Farm Frenzy 3: American Pie – Version 3 in series of  funny farm games

Farm Frenzy 2 – Version 2 in series of  farm management games

Farm Frenzy 3: Ice Age for Windows – Ice Age farm management game on computers

Super Ranch – game of contructing and managing farm

Some key features in Big Farm – free farm game:

+interesting plot

+ diverse ways of playing, combining elements of construction and management

+Graphical interface  with style of comics

+Cute animation

+Funny characters with personal stories

+A series of interesting tasks, besides  developing farm, players also build airports and harbors …

+imitate real time

+Participate in regular contests, tasks and events

+Coordinate, cooperate with other players around the world

big farm apk - Big Farm apk - Free game online For Android hot game, game apk, game, big farm

Build your own rich farm with Big Farm:

In the game, you will help  Uncle George take care of his farm. Because he was lazy, neglected work, this farm is now very chaotic. The game is completely free and you just need to enter your name and email on the web  to start playing right now.

With just simple manipulation, you can play Big Farm game now


At the start of the game, a beautiful and kind-hearted  neighbor Tessa Townsend will help you step by step get used to the work. She will guide you how to plant, harvest, build … All operations are simple  and easy to remember, you will get used to it immediately.

big farm apk android 300x225 - Big Farm apk - Free game online For Android hot game, game apk, game, big farm

Use business skills and help neighbors, families and friends to turn this messy land into a rich farm. Plant appropriate crops, harvest and produce, take care of animals … to earn money and gold. You can do some work yourself such as cultivation, harvest, but tasks like building houses, pet stables, windmills … need to have support from workers. Remember to keep them happy (see the smiley icon on the right corner of the screen) because if they are comfortable, they will ask for less money!

Build a rich farm and become a wealthy farmer in Big Farm


Your first work is to harvest abandoned fields, then buy seeds to continue seeding. Then build a windmill, also known as a food producer for pet. After completing that work,  you can keep chickens and pigs … Each completed mission, you will receive money and gold. Use that income to continue buying plants, flowers, pets and buying more houses, equipment … Players should also plant flowers around the farm to decorate it and create a sense of comfort for workers.

The system of managing produce, animals and plants  Big Farm game


To observe the entire space of the area where you live, move the middle mouse and zoom in, zoom out the view … Each screen has some certain of tasks, complete all that requirements, you will level up. See the task on the left side of the screen (exclamation point  icon). When finishing, remember to click on the Agree button to receive the reward! work, plants, pets … will be unlocked in higher levels. Initially, you can only grow corn, flowers and  keep chickens … gradually you will have the opportunity to plant fruit trees, keep pigs, buy tractors, even build an airport!


It is so interesting,right? If you’re a fan of farm or management game, don’t hesitate, let’s play Big Farm game now!

Download YouTube APK for Android – Easy

Download YouTube APK 300x158 - Download YouTube APK for Android - Easy youtube, free, download, app

Download YouTube APK for android

If you are a big fan of Android, you have ever heard of APK from someone or somewhere. Yes, APK stands for Android Application Package. It is the packing file format which uses for smart phone with Android operating system. APK can contain all the elements that an app store has to install correctly on your smartphone. Normally, when you open CH Play (or Google Play), APK will be automatically downloaded and installed from the system for you. Then you can be let to install other app for your smartphone through APK.

Download YouTube APK for android 300x169 - Download YouTube APK for Android - Easy youtube, free, download, app

If iPhone or iPad are in trouble in downloading free music to offline feature, downloading free music from Android operating system is easier and easier. Android is an open source operating system so Andoird’s customization capabilities are very good. In addition, you can also customize the operating system yourselves through applications. At the same time, users can also freely share data for other devices. make money youtube They are outstanding features to make brand value for users. Some famous brands are popular with walk of life like Samsung, Oppo, Huawei, LG, Ciemi so on. One of the most favorite app for free music downloading is YouTube APK app

Download YouTube APK 300x158 - Download YouTube APK for Android - Easy youtube, free, download, app

To persuade you use “YouTube APK app”, I will show the related information of app in detail as below:

First, there are many version of “YouTube APK app” which is updated and improved day by day for consumer such as V14.08.52, V14.07.59, V14.06.56, V14.05.56, V14.04.53, V14.03.53… The maker of this app is Google LLC.

With continuous updates, you feel very excited to discover the world by “YouTube APK app” in your device. From the new and hot music video to trendy games, entertainment clip, news and more. Further, you can follow the channel from this App, it can remind you any update news

youtube 300x158 - Download YouTube APK for Android - Easy youtube, free, download, app

Step 1: Opening CH play and search for “YouTube APK” app. You should choose the latest version so that you can enjoy the most features from the maker- Google LCC.

Step 2: Tap “install”. It takes 1-2 minutes to successfully finish this process

Step 3: Turn back the main screen, now you can see “YouTube APK app”. Tap to open it

Step 4: To serve for your downloading process later, Google asks you to register to your information such as number phone, address, email. Fill it with 100% correct information

Step 5: Now, you can start to directly use “YouTube APK app” from your device. Let’s try to listen some times. Sure that it is feature as you are searching information directly

Step 6: If you want to save it and use when you are offline, tap the three vertical dots to the middle of the screen (maybe it appears on top of title. Carefully watching). Then it appears many options for you, let it tap “download”. Now you can finish downloading.

YouTube is currently available in 75 countries and supports 61 languages.
Half of YouTube views are on mobile platforms.
YouTube’s revenue increases about 100% each year.
Currently, YouTube has more than 1.5 billion users.

Discover songs and artists on the site made exclusively for you.
Listen to a set of songs mixed together from your favorite artists.
Listening mode, find fast albums.
Google has just activated the YouTube Mix function for Android devices, which automatically creates Playlist when you search for keywords related to a certain singer or band.
Add Action Bar (including search) on devices.
Lets watch videos while searching for the next video.
Search for playlists and use the “play all” button to experience it constantly.
Share and like playlists.
Your personal and liked playlists appear in the left pane.
Download the entire video while pressing the pause button and or open another application.
Create videos with editing tools built right into the application.
Easily update the most popular videos with the Pros tab.

Reply to comments and delete your own comments.
See comments shared privately or publicly.
Share and like playlists.

Conclusion: Besides “YouTube APK app”, there are other app for Android with YouTube. However it’s not APK. Because Google LCC has successfully created APK for protecting other apps, you should follow this app so that it can bring useful functions and also make safer for your smartphone

Link download Free: