Feeling like home at Boston Children’s Hospital

Boston Children’s Hospital

Looking for medical centers for your family and closed ones? Check out these hospitals on the list below. Boston Children’s Hospital is the greatest one for your kids.

  1. Boston Children’s Hospital

Address: 300 Longwood Ave Boston, MA 02115

Open hours: By appointment only

Boston Children’s Hospital
Boston Children’s Hospital

First of all, the security at this hospital is no joke. You have to provide the first and last name of the child, your ID, the relation between you and the child, and even your picture. You are then given a pass with a barcode, which allows you to use the elevator and access to the floor and wing of the child, not to any other floors or hospital wings. It is absolutely a great system.

The waiting is the only part that is challenging, but staff continuously came around checking in often, updating you on the surgeon you need to see. They provide toys or any activites to keep your kids as content as possible. Doctors and nurses are thorough and compassionate and brilliant with utmost care. Your kids won’t be sent home unless the medical team is absolutely positive it is safe to do so. From caring, kind to understanding and knowledgable.

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If you are trying to decide where you should bring your child to, take them to Boston Children’s Hospital.

  1. Massachusetts General Hospital

Address: 55 Fruit St Boston, MA 02114

Open hours: Open 24 hours

Massachusetts General Hospital
Massachusetts General Hospital

While the location is not the best, the doctors here are the best in the country. The staff are professional and efficient with fast and reliable service. The hospital has plenty of room needed for the number of people going there on a daily basis. Their cafeteria is really large which has great options from the very healthy to foods your doctor may not want you to eat. You have to prepare to pay for parking in the parking garages, but you’ll get a huge discount if you’re a patient. Tell the garage cashiers you are a patient and show them proof that you visit the hospital.

Overall, the experience at Masachusetts General Hospital will definitely surpass your expectations, and you should decide to make this your hospital of choice.

  1. Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center – Waltham

Address: 9 Hope Ave Waltham, MA 02453

Open hours: 9:00 AM – 7:00 PM

Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center – Waltham
Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center – Waltham

From the emergency room staff, surgeons, doctors, nurses and technicians, the staff at Newton-Wellesley Urgent Care Center in are the top of the line in every way. The receptionist staff are patient and friendly and all services are on a first come first served basis. Every staff member is super professional, caring and compassionate, who genuinely seem to care. Their late or weekend hours have been nothing but a lifesaver, and their staff has never been anything less than exemplary.

The facilities here are modern and comfortable. There is free garage parking available, parking is easy on weekends. This is the best hospital in the country but pick your doctors wisely and do your research carefully.

So here are just some amazing hospitals that we’ve highlighted for you. If your kids ever have any health problems, bring them to Boston Children’s Hospital for the best experience.




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