GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download 2 1024x576 - GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download Google Earth, desktop, businesses, 3D image



Google Earth for Mac helps you make a virtual trip to any place in the world. Explore buildings, photos and 3D terrain. Find cities, places and local businesses.

GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download 1 300x169 - GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download Google Earth, desktop, businesses, 3D image

Google Earth famous for three main features: Street View mode that views streets of famous landmarks, Historical Imagery feature helps you go back to the past to see the scene of the time, 3D designed trees like real.

GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download 2 300x169 - GOOGLE EARTH FOR MAC Free Download Google Earth, desktop, businesses, 3D image

Some features of Google Earth for Mac

3D image

With new 3D images in Google Earth, you can fly above the entire metropolitan area in 3D mode never seen before. There are no days when the only way to see the whole city is from the windows of the rooftop apartment or helicopter. You can now fly above the horizon just by opening Google Earth (like youtube) on your desktop or mobile phone.

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3D tree

With Google Earth 7, you can explore 3D trees all around the world. Discover more than 50 different species of trees in city parks, neighborhoods and remote forests.

Historical pictures

See your neighborhood, home town and other familiar places to know how they have changed over time.


Travel to new depths with the Ocean on Google Earth.

3D building

With the “3D Buildings” layer in Google Earth, anyone can view 3D models of buildings, tombs, fountains, bridges, towers, museums, houses and many other buildings. When you are using Google Earth, click on the 3D building to open the balloon with more information about the location. To start exploring in 3D, try one of the tours below and download it to view it in Google Earth.

Discover Mars

  • See images downloaded by NASA just hours ago, in the Direct section of Mars
  • Take a tour of Mars interaction, reported by Ira Flatow or Bill Nye of Public Radio
  • View 3D Rover models and follow their tracks to see Panoramic view of 360 at high resolution
  • Search for famous landmarks on Mars, like the Face on Mars or Olympus Peak.


  • See the new Slooh Space Camera class to see live images of galaxies, objects and more
  • See the constellations and movements of the planets
  • Listen to podcasts about astronomy and read research about the sky from professional sources
  • Create and share your own photos, placemarks and more.


  • Visit landing sites narrated by Apollo astronaut
  • See 3D models of landed spacecraft
  • Zoom in 360 photos to see astronauts’ range of activity
  • See the rare footage on TV about Apollo missions.

The climate changes

Explore the potential effects of climate change on Earth and learn about solutions to adapt and mitigate, in the context of the UN Climate Conference (COP15) at Copenhagen. With Google Earth you can see climate change situations, interact with narrated tours, investigate deforestation and even dive deep into the ocean floor.

Favorite place

Global trend creators share tours to their favorite places with you. See those places on Google Earth and discover new and interesting places to visit.


Take a virtual trip to some of the world’s most prominent cultural and natural places using Google Maps, Google Earth and Street View.

Water galaxy

Developed by volunteer engineers who spend 20% of their time developing, the Water Galaxy offers an unprecedented vast Google Earth experience. Enter the observation chamber arranged in a circle around you and fly anywhere in the world in seconds. Mountains, buildings, valleys and even ocean floor will surround your outside vision.

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