Need medical care, go to Cedar park Regional Medical Center!

Cedar Park Regional Medical Center

Address: 1401 Medical Pkwy, Cedar Park, TX 78613.

Open time: all day.

Emergency room: all day.

Tel: 512 – 528 – 7000.

In Cedar park Regional Medical Center, our mission is to be the preferred hospital in the region for patients to receive care employees to work in physicians and to practice medicine. Cedar park competes at a state level by being close to Austin people who expect of Austin quality care. Therefore we practice “big city medicine” close to home quality, which is still difficult to define in the health care industry nowaday.


Cedar Park Regional Medical Center
Cedar Park Regional Medical Center


But for myself in my family, we expect the perfection in Cedar park Regional Medical Center and that is what we are trying to achieve. We know that differences are not from medical quality because it is and should be perfect. It starts by walking  into a beautiful state-of-the-art hospital that’s only seven years old. Beside, come to us, you can have a unforgetable treatment time in our beautiful private medical rooms.


The private room
The private room


We have a lot of services for you.

Emergency Services

Emergencies can happen at any time. That is the reason why it is very important to be prepared and know where to go when you need medical care fast. The emergency medicine team at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center provides care to patients in Cedar Park and surrounding areas when they need it most.

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Heart Care

By taking good care of your heart, you can reduce the risk of developing heart disease that lead to a heart attack, stroke or other serious complications. Our cardiac care team provides complete heart care services – from helping you create a heart-healthy life style to performing life saving procedures in emergency situations.

Orthopedic Services

When a bone, tendon or joint doesn’t work like it is supposed to, at Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, we care for the parts that keep you moving. Orthopedic services will help get you back to the life you enjoy – from injury prevention and recovery to total joint replacement and rehabilitation

Women’s Health

We also care for women at every stage of life. You are suffering from a gynecological issue or expecting your first child? You can trust us for our quality care.

We have all the land around us that is still tranquil and scenic around the hospital and the difference is in our staffs in our physicians and volunteers. We expect staffs at our hospital to treat you like family when you are a patient in Cedar Park Regional Medical Centre. Service differentiators make all the difference they may, include being met timely by an emergency medicine physician in the emergency room. It can include compassionate and caring nursing as well as communication between you and your family and loved ones.

The staffs and volunteers
The staffs and volunteers

We not only want to meet the needs of this community but also the contiguous community as well. Therefore we expand service offerings which most recently include interventional cardiology neurology trauma services in expanded medical office buildings and outpatient services. These new services allow Cedar Park Regional medical center to stay one step ahead of the growing population. The community should have an incredible piece of mind that they have a full-service acute care regional referral canter close to home service is so important to me upon admission to the hospital. You will receive a welcome packet in that welcome packet is my personal cell phone number. If you have any questions concerns or anything that you feel needs a higher level authority or responsibility feel free. Let give us a call anytime. We understand medical care is something that is very personal and when you select Cedar Park Regional Medical Center, you are putting your trust with us we take that very seriously.









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