Northwestern Memorial Hospital – The best place in Chicago for healthcare service

The building of Northwestern Memorial Hospital

You are a resident of Chicago? You are interested in searching for information about problems of healthcare?  If the answer for two question above is Yes, I would like to recommend you Northwestern Memorial Hospital.

First of all, I want to introduce about Northwestern Memorial Hospital by giving all of you variety of basic and necessary information about this hospital. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is an academic medical centre which is in the centre of Chicago.

The building of Northwestern Memorial Hospital
The building of Northwestern Memorial Hospital

As you can see, I am sure that this picture will absolutely make somebody say WOW because of its luxurious exterior. It seems as an apartment block that a lot of people dream of living inside. Northwestern Memorial Hospital is located at 251 E Huron St, Chicago, IL 60611, USA. You can go straight to there or if you are too busyyou can note our telephone number to call. It is 312 – 926 -2000. We have a lot of different departments such as Alberto Culver Health Learning Centre Galter Pavilion, Argo Tea, Northwestern Medicine Cardiac Surgery Feinberg Pavilion, Northwestern Medicine Dialysis Center, Northwestern  Medicine IVC Filter Clinic, Northwestern Medicine LASIK Physicians, Northwestern Medicine Prentice Women’s Hospital, Northwestern Medicine Sexually Transmitted Diseases (STD) Clinic, Northwestern Memorial Hospital – Medical Faculty Foundation Inc, and 11 other departments. It is great that you do not need to worry whenever you face upkomonary and Respiratory Care, Urology, and Women’s Health. Beside it, they also offer a wide range of useful services for patients. It is too much for me to list them out so I only list some, for example: Emergency Medicine, Nutritional Services, and Palliative Medicine and Supportive Care.

Northwestern Meorial Hospital – Cancer Center
Northwestern Memorial Hospital – Cancer Center

They have a lot of clinics which are equipped with high technology and modern machine systems. Moreover, they had also built more than 800 bed for patients in case the number of patients is exceeding. Most of the patients’ room are fully-fitted rooms with TV and have 24/7 Internet connection. In addition, they are completely proud of their  Northwestern Memorial Hospital’s doctors and nurses.

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As you can see, the staff of doctors and nurses of Northwestern Memorial Hospital always do elevated missions because of bringing healthcare service for not only residents of  Chicago but also for people all over the world.

Last but not least, they would like to mention significant numbers. 4000 practicing physicians, 30,000 employees, 443 million dollars awarded in research grants, 4,5000 clinical trials and studies, and many others. I absolutely want to emphasize these numbers because they are the main key in creating reputation of Northwestern Memorial Hospital, and especially the most essential factor put our hospital become 1st rank in Illinois.

Northwestern Medicine Doctors lead medical mission to Africa
Northwestern Medicine Doctors lead medical mission to Africa

It is everything about Northwestern Memorial Hospital that I want to show you. Therefore, residents of Chicago, let’s take a look and come to their hospital. They are always in here to support you by giving you some useful tips for having good health and treating you in the best condition.





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