DAZ Studio for Mac – the greatest animation and 3D model software

Character creator by DAZ Studio

DAZ Studio for Mac is the perfect animation and 3D model software on Apple computers. DAZ Studio for Mac allow users the freedom to create and design the environment or un-real characters.

The newest version of  DAZ Studio is a powerful, comprehensive tools for the new users as well as expert to make unique artworks, 3D animations easily by using virtual people, pets, vehicles, spare parts, environment, props, etc. DAZ Studio also introduce a new Genesis platform that it provides an infinite set of additional image variations which can be built from a common base.

Character creator by DAZ Studio
Character creator by DAZ Studio

Design 3D animation with DAZ Studio

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DAZ Studio for Mac is the flexible and professional designed ultinity. It allows users to work with all of models,  buildings as well as other 3D objects. Users have all of wonderful feature-creating tools, you can even adjust both angles and lighting to produce the best images for the projects.

Creating 3D animation with custom models

In order to help users to create 3D characters by themselves, DAZ Studio for Mac attachs Genesis 2, which supports to edit the appearance of the object until it achieve the desired results. In addition, this software also allows to change the appearance in the outside, fix the internal structure, such as add fat, muscle groups, resizing,…

If designing for fashion, users even can add many more different accessories, from hairstyles, clothes to weapons, etc. The best thing is that the character will be built to have an appearance like real, a natural posture and flexible movement.

Develop the creation and design high- quality content design for projects.

Design using DAZ Studio
Design using DAZ Studio

DAZ studio for Mac can be used to make 3D animation that is used for projects of films, webs,  magazine cover making,… Especially, the software provides a “ content market “ on website of the publishers. On there, users can find and buy models, 3D environment that is suitable for use. As a results, the processing time can be significantly reduced.

The main properties of DAZ Studio 4:

– TriAx Weight-Map System uses joints on axes, scales, and drawings to manage curves on characters.

– Auto-Rigging will automatically adjust the parameters.

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– The Auto-Fit plug-in allows users to upgrade clothes and hairstyles for previous generation characters for use on the new Genesis series.

– Smart Content announces which type of 3D character creation tool is, and whether other tools are compatible with it.

– Content Management Service (CMS) makes it easy to find 3D models and accessories thanks to a simple metadata structure.

– User-friendly interface, in addition, it have video tutorials to help the new users to understand the interface and features of the program.

Requirements of configuration when using DAZ Studio for Mac.

– Processor minimum 1.6 GHz (1.8 GHz recommended or faster).

– 1GB RAM.

– 1GB of free hard drive space for installation.

– OpenGL 1.6 compatible graphics card has at least 128 MB RAM.

Create Fiery Victoria's figure using DAZ studio
Create Fiery Victoria’s figure using DAZ studio


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