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ArchiCAD is a product of GraphiSoft that strongly supports when you work with 3D drawings on computers. It can support 3D to simulate a system of buildings in big projects. This software supports the formats which commonly uses for CAD

ArchiCAD gives users the ability to create amazing buildings and improve productivity. From the first day, ArchiCAD was designed by the architect team. And through many years of experience, it increasingly refined the subtleties so that user can practice better.

  • Focus on design.
  • Change management.
  • Design evaluation.
  • Co-operate.

AchiCAD helps you to reach many choices in the workflow. It also will give you more control over your design while it maintains accuracy and efficiency in design documents.

While you build walls, floors, add doors and windows, model stairs and ceilings of buildings, this Building Information Authoring tool creates a central database of tissue 3D image data. From there, you can export all the information you need to complete your design description – from planes, sections, elevations, details of architecture and construction, material statistics, planning, and painting. shadow, perspective and 3D perspective.

This means that while you design, ArchiCAD also creates all the documents for the project. So it can minimize your repetitive and create 2D technical drawings. Unlike the design with 2D software, the Virtual Building application allows you to change at any time while it still maintains integration with your documents, eliminates the cost of generating errors and doesn’t reduce your productivity.

Highlights of ArchiCAD

Virtual Building: ArchiCAD stores all information about the model in a central database and makes changes in a view. It will update in all other views including floor planes, sections, elevations degrees, 3D models and material inventory

Smart objects: Smart construction objects of ArchiCAD such as doors, windows, columns extract to their appropriate environment. It can speed up the work and make project management easily. It also allows you to design instead of drawing. Even when you work with outline lines, Magic Wand can create smart objects.

The ability to think and work directly in 3D: You can design and edit models in 3D views, check designs in real time and keep designs interactively with customers.

Visual visualization: ArchiCAD shading tool is easy to use with basic requirements. It can create expressions and scenes directly.

Effective technical documentation: building documents and files will be made automatically from virtual reality models. Material inventory tables create quickly and always reflect the current state of the model. The sizes are up automatical and linked. Automatic labeling and advanced Detail Tool makes it easy to get rid of the boredom of the job.

Clear communication: ArchiCAD Teamwork allows you to share your projects with colleagues easily. You can create technical documentation for customers and consultants in standard CAD formats or use the Web to view and evaluate. Changes can easily be reflected back into the project


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Business Card Composer is the first application to design a DIY (Do It Yourself) business card for Mac users. It will help them easily create their own professional and beautiful business cards in some simple steps. Further, users can use more than 740 ready-made card templates or a variety of design tools for the application. So they can make personal business cards without experience in graphics.

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Business Card Composer helps design ultra-fast business cards

Rich graphic collection

Business Card Composer owns 740 professionally designed templates along with 1000 clipart images a powerful photo editor and a flexible set of text and design and layout. And yet, if you upgrade Business Card Composer to the Extras Pack package for only $ 9.99, the collection will expand to 40,000 images and add 100 fonts.

Drag and drop user information from Apple Contacts: Business Card Composer supports changing business card information with just one click thanks to direct integration with Apple Contacts. All information will be filled out correctly as soon as you pull any contact on Apple Contacts into the business card editor of Business Card Composer.

Support Google Maps and QR Code: Do you want to insert your business location map into the business card? It’s too simple. Business Card Composer supports inserting the map without taking photos from Google Maps and editing. So what about QR Code for users to scan their business card right away without a hand input? Business Card Composer also supports creating QR codes on business cards based on your information

Flexible printing techniquesBusiness Card Composer allows you to print one design batch for one person, one design for many people or multiple designs for many people. It supports Avery, APLI, Decadry … and many other manufacturers. Further you can export your designs to TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDF formats corresponding to the printing requirements.

Main features of Business Card Composer for Mac

2 - BUSINESS CARD COMPOSER Mac & Iphone, Business Card Composer for Mac, Business Card Composer

  • Provide more than 740 pre-designed templates: There are over 740 pre-designed templates for you to use and customize to create your business card.
  • Integrate directly with Apple ContactsYou can change business card contact information with just one click thanks to integration with Apple Contacts.
  • Provide a smart text entry field: You also can add text fields such as phone numbers, addresses, etc. that display detailed information from your contact card.
  • Support 600 fonts with Font KitUsers will receive a set of 600 OpenType fonts for their design projects when purchasing the Font Kit.
  • Export to TIFF, JPEG, EPS and PDFYou should export your business card to the most popular image formats and send it to the printer.
  • Support Popular Card Papper: Business Card Composer supports hundreds of layouts from Avery, APLI, Decadry, and so on.
  • Many powerful visual effects: Let any image improve in your design by using photo editors integrated with hundreds of different filters.
  • Support Art Text plug-in: This application integrates with Art Text to create creative graphics and text for your business card.
  • Generate QR CodeIt can quickly create and print QR codes with any information of your choice on the business card.
  • Integrated Google Maps: This software integrates with Google Maps with direct driving instructions on business cards.
  • Support more than 1,000 Clipart imagesA collection of about 1,000 photos, illustrations is provided. In addition, you will receive more than 40,000 other clip art with Extras Pack.
  • Print a series of business cards: You can print one or more business cards at the same time to save time.
  • Import images from iPhoto and Aperture: Now you can import your favorite photos from iPhoto or Aperture albums into your business card.
  • Merge multiple images together: You can upload images to name badges and mass print them using the image matching function.
  • Extensive design toolkit: This software provides a variety of drawing tools, smart shapes, editing layers, etc. to give users the freedom to create their own unique business card.